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On May 1, 2023, the brothers Roy and Justin celebrated their 10th anniversary! On this date in 2013 they opened the doors of their own theater 'Roy's Magic Theater' and started performing as an illusionist duo under the name Roy and Justin Huiskens. The brothers became Dutch junior champions in 2014 and a year later the best illusionists in Belgium.

In addition to winning prizes, Roy and Justin have also performed at many events and schools in Aalsmeer and the surrounding area. The highlight was winning the Dutch championships in 2019. This allowed the two Aalsmeer illusionists to go to the European championships in Barcelona in 2021, where they proudly finished fourth in Europe!

The brothers have no intention of stopping anytime soon: “There are still many great performances to come and we have big plans,” say Roy and Justin, who will continue from this year under the new name: Roy & Justin – The Magic Brothers. ''We look forward to continuing to amaze everyone with our magic in the coming years!”


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